With roots tying back to the heart of proto punk in Detroit Michigan, American born Jim Boone is building a strong following in Brazil with his garage punk band, War Industries, Inc.  Brazilians Willian Paiva (Hammerhead Blues, Leeds) and Carlos Motta form the new lineup for the power trio out of Santo Andre, São Paulo, Brazil.

Motivated by criticism of the military industrial complex and a coming 3rd world war, War Industries, Inc. stands out in a sea of mediocre hardcore-punk and pop-punk, with sudden, slow tempo changes, and catchy riffs that sound like a cross between ministry and minor threat while Black Sabbath rings in your head.  Fans have described the music as a group of diverse and dynamic songs with a powerful dark yet fun vibe.

The band’s debut single sex control was recorded at Family Mob Studios as part of the Converse Rubber Tracks project in São Paulo, Brazil. Immediately following was the self-released album Legends from Turtle Island which receivied critical acclaim and underlines the creative and artistic talent behind the music. The album, also recorded in São Paulo, Brazil with Douglas Oliveira on drums and Guilherme Delmolin on bass, is a showpiece for Producer Edu Recife, who recorded and mixed all 10 tracks.

The band is preparing for the release of their 2nd full length album entitled “WWIII” and scheduled for release in September 2018 by Abraxas Records.  After the recent release of the single, “More Casualties” the new album promises to deliver more unique and catchy sounds to the underground world of garage punk.